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Booster Club

Time for a Gridiron Board Elections!

The Gridiron Boosters support our football program with time, energy, spirit and fund raising.  The goal is to help our player's and the program to have the best opportunity available anywhere, both on and off the field.  The efforts of our Board in planning, mobilizing and managing volunteers is vital to the success of the football program. Whether you have an hour a month or can dedicate more time to the program, everyone's contribution is valuable and vital to our success. Please consider learning more about the Board positions, duties and value to see if a board position is a good fit for you.  In the mean time, any contribution in volunteering &/our support is greatly appreciated.  


The Hamilton Gridiron Booster club meets the financial needs of the Hamilton Football program that cannot be paid via the Tax Credit fund or school account. Our goal is to make this an amazing season for our student athletes and coaches and meeting all of their needs and creating a fun atmosphere for the teams to bond and the families to participate and have fun! Every parent is part of the Gridiron Booster Club. The Gridiron requires each player/family to participate or “buyout” of the mandatory Gridiron fundraisers.  

This year we only have 2 major fundraisers so it is imperative that everyone participates.  Our two mandatory fundraisers this year are the Email Letter Campaign (June) and Husky Pride Cards (July).  We have other fundraisers such as golf and cornhole tournaments, MyHuterra and Fry's Community fundraisers, but participation is optional for such events.

1.  Email Letter Campaign  Players will be required to submit 20 legitimate emails for friends and family that they think will want to support them in their football season and support our Hamilton football program.  If families prefer not to share this Email Letter Writing fundraiser with 20 friends and family, a $400 buyout paid to Hamilton Gridiron can be chosen. More Info & a link for buyout payments will be shared Monday with the fundraiser instructions.  

2.    Husky Pride Cards  Each player will be asked to sell 20 Husky Pride Discount Cards when school starts.  Seniors that sell 25 or more will get to keep their white game jersey.  A “buyout” option will be provided if families choose not to participate.  

3.  Player Meal $ Donation  In addition to the two fundraisers, a $20 season meal fee is asked of each player.  The boosters do their very best to get each pre-game meal for Freshman, JV, and Varsity donated, but there are many costs still incurred including drinks, paper goods and supplemental food. This fee will be due in July.

We appreciate everyone’s support of our local sponsors and in any help securing new community partners/sponsors.  We will kick off our 2020 Hamilton Football Sponsor Campaign in the coming weeks.

Booster Club Members

Pres - Joe Trojan  480-734-8963

VP - Tara Lockhart  480-621-1777

Treas - Stephanie Trojan  480-544-4999

Secretary - Doreen Gant

Members At Large -
Sam Gerardi
Heather Hackett

Freshman Team Mom -  Kim Keim

JV Team Moms - Natalie Francis and Deb Ralls

Varsity Team Mom - Tara Lockhart

Booster Club Meetings
All booster club meetings are open to all, and you are encouraged to attend. They are scheduled in the team calendar and announced on Facebook, Emails and the website.  

Committees Meetings
Whether you have time to be part of a committee, contribute with ideas, or simply have one or two hours to spare EVERYONE is vital to the success of making all our events memorable and valuable to the athletes and the program. Meetings are typically separate from the regular Board Meetings and conveniently timed to not interrupt your evening routines. Don't be shy!

Committee Chairs

Golf Outing- Martin Galindo

Media Guide - Heather Hackett

Fundraising (field signs, parent ads, & program ads) - Tara Lockhart/Joe Trojan

Website & Media - Sam Gerardi

Corn Hole - Joe Trojan and Glenn Shough

Winter 7's- Joe Trojan

Summer 7's- Todd Weber

Varsity Banquet- Kelly Hattendorf

JV Banquet- Ashley Anderson

Freshman Banquet- Daniela Raynes 801-734-0885

Community Service- Tara Lockhart

Max Preps/Game Day Stats- Mr. Munugia

End Zone Filming/Headsets- Rob Rangel/Steve Ruddle

Blow Up Helmet- 

Team Building-

Family Picnics-

Chain Gang- John Lecky

Varsity Practice Filming- Rob Rangle/Steve Ruddle