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Form C-2 COVID


In light of improving COVID-19 metrics - decreasing COVID-19 cases - student athletes will not be required to wear masks when physically active in practice effective immediately.

As well, student athletes will not be required to wear masks during competition starting with the first round of winter season state playoffs. Student athletes may choose to continue to be masked up. Coaches and all team personnel are to always remain masked up. All spectators in attendance for a contest must continue to wear an approved mask.

Just a couple reminders:
*  Students who are not actively participating, MUST have their mask on, such as sidelines, 
standing in line for their event, buses, etc.
*  ALL COACHES must have a mask on at ALL TIMES. No exceptions to this.
*  During the school day hours of locker/academy, students must have their masks on regardless if they are practicing or competing.
*  Please be diligent and communicate to your athletes about this new policy.


Chandler Unified School District COVID-19
Care Report/Release Form 

Attached is the LATEST C-2 form that has been updated.

The biggest update is the OPTION to get a PCR Test between day 10-14 and provide that with the C-2 form instead of seeing a Health Care Provider.

They can STILL see a Health Care Provider if they want but now have an OPTION to get a NEGATIVE PCR TEST between 10-14 of quarantine.

This is ONLY for close contact/exposure. HCP must be seen for a positive test. Please be sure you are communicating with parents, nurse and my office in regards to any questions. Also, be sure to communicate to your coaches on the updated form.


We have come a long way to staying healthy this year and need to remain Safe & Vigilant not to be exposed.  The best way to do this is to limit social circles - the players should be in small groups of their team mates only. Try to limit outside exposure.  May be difficult with Thanksgiving, and we need to do our best so that we are not eliminated from the post-season on a forfeit!

We are seated #2 in the State Open bracket.  Just 3 games away from the Trophy! Be extra cautious so that we can finish the post season healthy & on top!

#HuskyProud #HamiltonFootballAZ