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Incoming Freshman

Freshman FAQ
Incoming Freshman and Parents: Start Here


On this page you will find information focusing on future and incoming freshman and their parents. Scroll down for the following.

  • Links: Incoming Freshman Parent Links
  • CUSD Athlete Registration System
  • Hudl: Film, Practice, and Communication App 
  • Equipment: Provided, Required, Optional and Donations
  • Dress for Success: Pregame Dress Code
  • Practice: What to Expect at Practice
  • Games: Game Day and the Season
  • Preseason: Current 7th and 8th Grade Players
  • Clinics: Spring and Summer Clinics
  • Volunteers: Joining the Gridiron 

Visit our Hudl Page

Visit our Max Preps Page


HHS Football Calendar

The Calendar is updated with everything happening for the entire program, Freshman, JV and Varsity. The Hudl App, will be used for immediate concerns such as late buses or weather issues.

Photos by: Heather Hackett

All photos courtesy of Heather Hackett Creates. Visit the photo album links and download images free & order photos online.

HHS Freshman Public Hudl Page

See film, highlights that can be shared via social media.

Husky 7v7 Soft Helmet

Wearing a Grey or Black soft helmet is a mandatory team rule. Click Above to order the helmet usable through graduation. See FAQ: Equipment below for more information.

Husky Store

Find a large variety of Husky branded apparel, spirit gear, soft helmets and practice wear. See FAQ: Equipment below for more information.


Links to involvement and descriptions of Hamilton Fundraising.

RegisterMyAthlete.comCUSD district platform for registering athletes.
What is Register My Athlete? 
CUSD uses RMA to collect all documents and waivers as well as distribution and cataloguing of all district mandated training. Players can not practice or compete until they are eligible in the RMA system.
What does a parent need to do with RMA? 
Instructions Here
How do I upload documents? 
Follow all instructions given on the RMA site. However, most documents can be uploaded with a clear picture taken from a cell phone. Avoid cropping important info, or glare from flash.
Can my player practice with something missing from RMA? 
Some documents are mandatory and others can wait until different points in the season. We will advise through Hudl the various deadlines. However, once they are required, they are required by the district and can not be influenced by anyone at HHS.

Hamilton Freshman Hudl Public Page

Click Above to visit the Hamilton Freshman Public Hudl Page

If your son has registered at HHS, enrolled in Football Academy and finished their (RMA), then click this link to send an email and request Hudl Access Film, Team Communication and More.


What is  

Hudl is both an app and a website. The website has more functionality for in depth study, but the phone is where they will generally interface. Hudl allows coaches to present game film as well as coaching instruction. Is their playbook and also our team texting manager allowing team wide communication to players. Players are allowed to join the Hamilton Hudl once they are enrolled at HHS as Freshman.

What does studying film mean at Hamilton?  

Through Hudl a player can see film of a teammate, film of themself and even study the playbook with clips of the plays at the bottom. Players can then use the app to text their position coach, their positional group or the whole team to ask questions.

A successful Hamilton player must budget time each week for to watch film of upcoming opponents, a positional evaluation of the previous week's game of their film or the person(s) ahead of them in the depth chart.

How does Hudl Texting Work?  

Coaches can message the entire program, team, position group or individual player. In general Hudl group texts are top down, with coaches giving instruction with minimal responses necessary (example: Bus arriving 10 min late). If players have questions they should be directed at coaches or players individually. Otherwise information gets lost in players back and forth chatter.

Where is the rest of the playbook?  

As players advance in their understanding of our system, they will have access to more and more of the offense and defense playbook. The entire Varsity playbook Freshman year would confuse most players and be too easy to drift to other schools. Coaches reveal portions of the playbook in incremental Installs.


Equipment: Provided, Required, Optional and Donations


What Equipment does Hamilton Provide?  

Hamilton will provide a helmet with chinstrap, a home and away jersey, game pants (shells worn over girdle), a belt and one pair of practice knee pads.

What equipment is required?  

Parents are expected to provide a mouthpiece (mandatory for practice), cleats, black practice shirts, black practice shorts (HHS gear or minimal logo and colors). No colors from the school up the street. 

Also a water jug minimum of 64oz in size. Filled with water for each practice. 

A player must have thigh, hip, and knees covered by pads or they will not be able to practice or play in games. The best solution is a girdle that is worn under practice shorts and game shell pants. Due to hygiene and laundry concerns, parents may want to invest in more than one. 

What equipment is optional?  

The following items are allowed but not required. Receiver or Line man gloves. Additional pads such as neck rolls or rib protector shirts, knee braces or QB towels.

What equipment is not allowed?  

Sleeves must be attached to the shirt worn under the pads. They can not be detachable. Jewelry. Helmet visors unless prescribed by a doctor.

Can I donate equipment for my player?  

Yes. If you would like to donate a helmet and/or shoulder pads, you can do so by contacting your team parent.

When will I know what my player's jersey number is?  

The short answer is around two weeks before the first game.

The long answer is that jersey numbers are position specific in High School tackle football. Some numbers make a player ineligible to catch passes. It is impossible for Freshman coaches to know who is going to be in a position until pads are on and players have demonstrated their abilities. This usually brings us close to the date of our first game and past the time some items (like soft helmets) are needed. Also, we do not carry all sizes of all uniforms. The number your player wants might be okay for his position, but the jersey with that number is the wrong size for your player. 

If possible do not buy any gear with your child's number on it until after numbers are official, or leave the number field blank when ordering. Also be aware that when moving up to JV or Varsity, their numbers can change again. 


Dress For Success

Dress for Success: Pregame Dress Code


What is Dress for Success?  

The day PRIOR to our games (at all levels, Fresh, JV and Var) players are required to Dress for Success. They must wear a button up all white dress shirt, black dress slacks and a black tie. If possible, players are asked to wear black dress shoes. Or something similar to black Vans. Please no athletic shoes. 

What do they wear on game days?  

The day of the game, players are allowed to wear their game jersey to school.


Practice: What to Expect


Where do Freshman Practice?  

Generally we practice in the NW corner of the school on the Freshman Fields located directly behind the Tennis Courts. 

What time are practices?  

The Freshman locker room opens at 6:10 am. Players are expected to be in full uniform and on the field by 6:30 am. Practice lasts until around 8:00 and then players are rotated through the locker room to shower and study while waiting for third period to begin.

How should my player prepare for practice?  

Hydration must start the night before practice, not the morning of. It is still around 80-90 degrees out at daybreak when our season begins. Homework and studying complete, hydration, good sleep and studying playbook and film in Hudl is the best preparation you can encourage at home. 

What is the schedule for the weight room?  

Incoming Freshman start in the weight room during summer clinics usually beginning in May. Check the Calendar for times.  In season weight training is usually about maintaining strength and flexibility and the schedule will be announced through Hudl. After the season is over, Freshman who remain in Football Academy will meet during 1st and 2nd hour to weight train. 


Games: Gameday and the Season


When are Freshman Games?  

Freshman games are almost always on Wednesday nights. Occasionally they may be on Tues or Thurs but usually with significant advanced notice. Kickoff can happen anytime between 4:30pm and 7:00pm.

Where are Freshman Games?  

Home games are on the Main Football Field. Our opponents name and locations can be found on The Calendar

How to buy tickets?  

You can buy at the gate or through the GoFan app . Freshman games do not usually sell out except vs Chandler.

What happens before the game?  

In general we try to avoid having players to go home after school. But with game start times and locations, it can happen. In general, players will meet and hang out on the Cafeteria patio. Then eat a team meal, provided by Gridiron Volunteers (see below), get taped and either head to the bus or to the field if a home game.

What happens after the game?  

Players are encouraged to leave the field quickly. We ask that parents refrain from pulling players over to the bleachers and instead meet them as they exit. Players will greet parents, friends and family at the field exit. Bus will be boarded and players will send a text to their parents telling them when the buses leave away fields and arrive back at home. With Home games, players are allowed to leave with guardians after checking out at the locker room. 

How many Freshman Teams are there?  

Usually there are two complete football teams competing at the Freshman level. The A team will play all our scheduled opponents. The B Team will play all teams in our A team scheduled opponents that has a B team willing to play us. This usually is between 3-4 games. 

Can my son play on both Freshman teams?  

Each player has a maximum of 8 games they can play all season split between any level. This makes the playing up and down a discussion that needs to happen. 

Can my son play on Varsity as a Freshman?  

Varsity slots are earned and not given. A Freshman that can demonstrate the strength, speed, agility, football intelligence and maturity to play at the Varsity level, will definitely earn the ability to compete at the highest level they are able to master.


Click Here for 7v7 Club Team Recommendations for 7th and 8th graders.

Click Above for more information. Skill position players can get great work, with Hamilton coaches with the AZ87 Middle School Club Team.

Incoming Freshman: Current 7th and 8th Graders Preseason Info


When can my player start working with HHS?  

Our clinics open up to current 8th graders in the spring and summer. See below FAQ: Clinics or visit the Calendar. Our coaching staff the AZ87 Middle School 7v7 club team for 7th and 8th graders. Our coaches also volunteer with East Valley Pop Warner with the Unlimited Husky Team. All of these options are open to players attending any school and are not limited to future Hamilton students only. 

Should my player be working out prior to the season?  

If the goal is to maximize their chance for success, the answer is yes. Every year players, who are new to football and even organized sports their freshman year, make our varsity roster. However, pushing themselves with body weight exercises, light runs, stretching and cardio work in other sports all set them up for success their freshman year. 


Incoming Freshman: Spring and Summer Clinics


What kinds of clinics do you have?  

We have positional, speed and agility and weight training clinics that run at various times throughout the spring and summer. 

When are the clinics?  

Head over to the Calendar  to see the latest dates and times. Players attending need to be registered through the CUSD site.  

Where are the clinics?  

They will be on either the Freshman, JV or Varsity practice field(s)


Click Here for Volunteer Opportunities

Every season we need volunteers at all levels of the program. Needs change every year, so be sure to check this out for opportunities to help the team.

Volunteers: Joining the Gridiron


What is the Gridiron Club?  

That is the official name of the HHS booster club. They make sure players are fed their pregame meal, set up team building events, organize fundraisers and help in a variety of ways. 

How do I join the Gridiron Club?  

Head over to the Volunteer Page and see where your skills might fist best. Otherwise, contact the Freshman Team Parent and find out how to help.