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It is our belief that every family who participates in the Hamilton Football Program should have knowledge of the philosophy and principles of the program that he is participating in.

Our football program at Hamilton is strongly rooted in the TEAM.  It is our firm belief that if an athlete is to be a positive, contributing force in our program, he must set aside all of his personal goals and ambitions and be willing to accept his role as a TEAM ballplayer. 

We strive to eliminate individuals in our program.  It is our concept to think in terms of “We” instead of “I”, “Us” instead of “Me”, and “Ours” instead on “Mine.”  TEAM rules, TEAM goals, and player positions are dictated by what will benefit the TEAM, not just an individual.  We try to play the best players, but the TEAM players will often play before individualized talent.  It is not easy being part of a TEAM.  Not every athlete can measure up to the standards.  It means sacrificing individual needs and personalities to meet the general needs of the TEAM.  It takes many trusted, selfless, and dedicated athletes to have a winning TEAM.

We win as a TEAM and we lose as a TEAM.  If we are successful as a TEAM, then there is more than enough to go around. No one can do it alone and everyone can contribute to the TEAM.


1.         Character (Life Skills) and Leadership Development.

The 6 Pillars of character (Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship) will be our focus. Football players will perform community service as an off-season activity every other month. During the school year, citizenship performance is monitored through formal and informal discussion with faculty. Teaching character and life skills instructed in a year round program.

What we do: Character Matters, player introductions, book reading/presentations about life skills, guest speakers on leadership, TEAM building sessions, issued responsibilities away from football, park clean ups, elementary school reading program, food distribution programs, United Way, teach the acronyms (FAMILY, ALL IN, WIN The Day) and youth football program volunteers.

2.         Academic Development. 

Hamilton is the #1 Comprehensive High School in AZ. Grade monitoring throughout the year will enable us to determine who needs help in the classroom. Study hall is offered year around through the Husky Room.

What we do: football counselor, in school tutoring program, ACT Prep, Study Hall, Clearing House Preparation, Academic Awards, and year around academic monitoring.

3.         Football Development. 

We will develop our players Physically in the weight room.  The core lifts of the bench, squat, power clean, and deadlift will enable us to compete for a championship, yearly.

We will develop Speed and Power through being a member of the track TEAM, form running, and plyometrics. We will challenge the athletes to improve their mental toughness by expecting 100% effort and intensity daily. 1% better each day.

We will develop their Football IQ by working with our players year round.

What we do: On Line Installation, film evaluation, Freshman-JV-Varsity Football Class, Summer Offensive/Defensive Camps, Spring Football, John Wrenn Club, Summer Husky Club, Blue Chip Testing, Mr. Hamilton Award to the strongest player, Mercury Award to the fastest player, Winter/Summer 7’s TEAM, and Winter/Spring OTA’s.

4.         Family Participation.

We want family to be important at Hamilton. Through various activities, we will open the door to communication and use activities to bring our families together. We want football to be an exciting and positive experience at Hamilton.

What we do: Spring Parents Meeting, fundraising, Fall Kickoff Swim, Black/Silver Scrimmage and Picnic, Mom’s Football Class, End of Season Banquet, Booster Club Meetings,  Golf Outing, Corn Hole Tournament, Tailgating, Pregame Socials, and Senior Night Game.

The definition of Prepare is "to make or get ready; to put together; also to brace or fortify."