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Booster Club

2024 Gridiron Club Board
  • President - Michelle Dexter 602.418.5548
  • VP - Michaela Raner 480.299.3968
  • Treasurer - Jeff Raner 480.772.6893
  • Secretary - Miley Waterman 310.437.3414
  • Members At Large
    • Shawn Bassett
    • Neda Barrie
    • Michelle Candelario
    • Dallas Jandreau
2024 Team Moms
  • Freshman Team Mom - Kim Keim
  • JV Team MomKelly Olson
  • Varsity Team Mom -Amanda Lucero
Booster Club Meetings

Our booster club meetings are open to all, and we encourage you to attend. They are scheduled in the team calendar and announced on Facebook, Emails and the website.  Generally, they are the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Committees Meetings

Whether you have time to be part of a committee, contribute with ideas, or simply have one or two hours to spare EVERYONE is vital to the success of making all our events memorable and valuable to the athletes and the program. Meetings are typically separate from the regular Board Meetings and conveniently timed to not interrupt your evening routines. Don't be shy!

Hamilton Gridiron Intro Video and How To Get Involved

2024 Committee Chairs
  • Media Guide  -  Heather Hackett & Dallas Jandreau
  • Sponsors -  Miley Waterman & Carlee Cate
  • Max Preps/Game Day Stats - _______________
  • Community Service/Team Building Events - Heather Campbell
  • End Zone Filming - Rob Rangel/Steve Ruddle
  • Family Picnic/July Pool Party -  Heather Campbell
  • Parent/Coach Liaison - __________________
  • Dads Club - Rich Lucero 602-487-2368
  • Merchandise Coordinator - Michaela Raner
  • Varsity Banquet Coordinator - Heather Campbell
  • Game Day Chain Gang Coordinator - Wade Jacobs
  • Spotters (2) for Statistician
  • Varsity Practice Filming - Shaddi Kaltayev
  • Saturday Morning Varsity Meals  - Dad's Club & Boosters
  • Varsity Team Mom - Pregame Meals, Information Distribution - Amanda Lucero
  • JV Mom - Pregame Meals, Information Distribution, Banquet - Kelly Olson
  • FreshmanTeam Mom - Freshman Fundraiser, Freshman Boosters, Pregame Meals, Banquet, Information Distribution- Kim Keim
  • Youth Night - __________________
  • Senior Night - __________________
  • 7's Food and Drink Coordinator - ________________
  • Website/Social Media/Communication Updates - Michaela Raner
  • Pregame Parent Social Coordinator - ______________
  • Cornhole Tournament Coordinator - Michaela Raner
  • Golf Tournament Coordinator - Steve James
  • Email Fundraising Coordinator - Booster Club
  • Gold Card Coordinator - Booster Club
  • Senior Hike and Bonfire Coordinator - 
  • Senior Gift Coordinator
  • Blow Up Tunnel - Wade Jacobs & Malcolm Roanhourse
  • Program Marketing
  • Out of State Game Coordinator 2024 - Jennifer De La Torre
  • Parliamentarian - Coach Dixon

Golf Tournament - May the 4th Be With You

Booster Meeting Template

Order Agenda item Notes
1 Reading and approval of minutes This is right at the beginning of the meeting, where the assembly can approve (or debate and amend) the minutes of the previous meeting.
2 Reports of officers, boards and standing committees This could cover things such as board reports and recommendations. At this stage, each recommendation can be voted on and adopted to move it forward.
3 Reports of special committees Special committees are created by several members of the wider group doing their own tasks or investigations without the entire group’s involvement. Any reports are discussed at this point in the meeting.
4 Special orders  Usually time-sensitive business such as upcoming officer elections.
5 Unfinished business and general orders Generally covers any motions that weren’t disposed of in previous meetings - perhaps they were postponed. These are either unfinished business or general order points.
6 New business Anything new that needs to be addressed, discussed and/or voted on