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Tax Deductible Donations


There are many ways to donate to the Hamilton Football Program.  

1.  Tax Credit Donations are collected by the school and often utilized to help subsidize coaching pay.

2.  Donations / Sponsorships to Hamilton Gridiron Club.  May be tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) organization.  Funds are used to support players and coaches to make Hamilton an Elite football program.

3. Donations directly to Hamilton High School for the student activities fund.  These can be used by the school to supplement program needs.

Want more information on where you should donate? Reach out to Coach Dixon or Michelle Dexter (Hamilton Gridiron Club president).

CUSD Tax Credits & Tax Deductible Donations

Parents & Friends can support our Husky Football program with tax deductions that  DIRECTLY benefit the program and athletes:

* The Chandler Unified School District Extra Curricular Activity Tax Credit Contribution Form allows for a donation of $400 for married and $200 for single persons;  AND

* Businesses also benefit from sponsorship as an advertising / marketing expense.

Tax Credit Donation Form


Football Tax Credit Donation Form

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